Fortnite introduces the waiting mode dedicated to gifts

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Fortnite introduces the waiting mode dedicated to gifts

av gameboostingmai » 14 maj 2019, 06:42

Fortnite is updated and introduces the waiting mode dedicated to gifts. The popular game developed by Epic Games, and available for consoles like PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and iOS and Android mobile devices, celebrates the milestone of 200 million users by presenting players with the new feature. Gift mode confirms previous rumors, and is available to all users who will download the 6.31 update.

Fortnite Boost is not at all complex and for the moment it follows some fairly restrictive guidelines (such as the impossibility of having them on the iPhone) by giving the possibility of sending gifts inside Fortnite by purchasing the objects present in the official store (upon payment of the V -buck, the currency of the game). First of all, it is good to know that to send gifts to your friends on Fortnite you will necessarily have to access the store objects in the game and choose which item to buy: keep in mind that you can buy items only on the day you decide to send the gift.

Once the shop is open, select the item you want and then buy it by clicking on Buy as a gift. Once this is done, select the player who will receive the gift via the contact list and send the gift. To send a gift to a friend on Fortnite you must ensure that you have been a friend of the player for at least 48 hours, otherwise the operation will not be successful: keep the two-factor authentication developed by the game active and follow the required security procedure.

Fortnite allows users to send a gift even with a personalized message, to make the thought towards your unique online battle companion, the selected user will find your package as a gift as soon as he logs in (accompanied by any text and greeting message compiled by you). Before buying an item to give as a gift, keep in mind that there are no refunds and that you can send up to three gifts every 24 hours. Buy Fortnite Boost is a pretty good feature that arrives in time for the holidays, sending that skill or that long desired enhancement could be the ideal gift form for the inveterate player of the exciting Battle Royale.
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