Have you any idea What Is Laser Slicing Thin Glass Technolog

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Have you any idea What Is Laser Slicing Thin Glass Technolog

av ahwhglass » 16 nov 2018, 07:07

At present, the quality requirement connected with Frosted Glass is getting higher and higher. As well as considering different material attributes, processing technology must furthermore achieve more precise, in depth and pure processing effects. Innovative laser cutting technology has grown the standard of glass cutting in many industries. In the increasingly demanding market for instance electronics, there is an urgent requirement glass cutting innovative technology.

The traditional glass reducing method, which uses cemented carbide and also diamond cutter, is widely used in many applications. Their cutting process is separated into two steps. Very first, the tempered glass online is cracked around the surface of the glass by diamond knife level or carbide grinding controls; then, the second step is always to use mechanical means to part ways the glass along that crack line.

However, there are some defects in the procedure for carving and cutting. Removal of materials will bring about debris, fragments and micro-cracks, that may reduce the strength belonging to the cutting edge, thus needing another cleaning process. The deep cracks the result of this process are usually not perpendicular on the glass surface, because the splitting lines generated by mechanical forces aren't perpendicular. Moreover, mechanical forces acting with thin glass yield losses can also be a negative factor.
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