The advantages and disadvantages of insulating glass doorway

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The advantages and disadvantages of insulating glass doorway

av ahwhglass » 21 dec 2018, 03:59

The advantages and disadvantages of insulating glass doorways and windows, installation ability, you may not find out?
There are many varieties of hollow glass doors and windows, although the look and feel is plastic steel body plus glass, the price differs, dazzling. So, how many skills have to distinguish between fine and bad hollow a glass doors and windows?

Based on experts, regular glass doors and windows must be sealed with two finalizing strips, vacuumed in the middle, and filled with inert gas. Such a structure makes the truth insulating glass door in addition to window have good appear insulation and heat insulation performance.

Cheap and far inferior "hollow" tempered insulated glass doors in addition to windows, simply glue the 2 pieces of glass along, and did not undertake the above treatment, so there is no such sound insulation consequence unique to hollow goblet.
When we purchase, we can distinguish between true and false hollows on the following three aspects:
Earliest, is the glass covered. The two pieces of glass belonging to the fake insulating glass are bonded with a black PVC foam strip and get no sealing effect. The real insulating glass is bonded on the glass with a special sealing strip to confirm an absolute seal.

Next, there is an aluminum spacer between both the glass of true insulation glass. There are many venting holes to the aluminum spacer. The desiccant lies inside, which can absorb the moisture from the gas and prevent the fog as well as fog from appearing following on from the glass door and windows are heated. Phenomenon, while fake "hollow" glass isn't going to have these devices.
As a final point, field test the sound insulation of doors and windows. The sound insulation effect from the true hollow glass doors and windows can be quite good, and the sound insulation effect belonging to the fake "hollow" doors and windows is extremely general.
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