And given that the fortnite weapons

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And given that the fortnite weapons

av chenyuhan » 09 maj 2019, 07:52

Instead, Polar Peak is actually a castle...having an entire village . It's one of these medieval cities you find in Fortnite Items for sale
games like The Witcher or even Skyrim or you knowhistory. There is the castle lording over everybody, both literally and figuratively, and a town down beneath where the common folk live and blacksmith things and pay a lot of taxes and anything townsfolk do.

You can just find the bones of the new city in the movie below, because the majority of the assets have not ever been set in the game yet, but you can clearly see what is coming, and it's more than just a castle.This all makes sense because A) we already have another castle from itself and B) a walled town is really a much more interesting landing place with much more possible than a giant stone fortress you've got to continuously be hacking .

And given that the fortnite weapons
sheer size of the thing, it stands to reason that this may probably end up being a permanently addition to the Fortnite map, at least for a long time, and it should end up being a key landing spot given its Tilted-level dimensions and its (relatively) central location on the map. At this time there's no reason to property at Polar Peak at all unless you're sightseeing from the highest point on the map, but given it a couple weeks, and that will change.
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